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Adult Counseling Sessions

In person and virtual


Why Counseling

There are so many reasons people reach out for support. You may be experiencing symptoms related to depression, anxiety or another mental illness. Transitions in life can be difficult to manage alone. A breakup or death, a new relationship or job can bring new challenges. In the years I have been practicing, I have gained helpful knowledge to share with my clients about creating a path to wellness that includes healthy activities and fulfilling relationships. Counseling can help you move beyond just managing life. 

What will my sessions look like?

Therapy can be intimidating. It is normal to experience a variety of emotions starting your counseling journey. In my practice, you are charge of your time in therapy. If you are new to the process, I can spend time talking with you about what to expect. I can help explore past experiences or process current events. I can offer coping strategies or just listen. Everyone is different and I am happy to cater to your individual treatment needs. In general, I strive to provide a safe space to develop a trusting therapeutic relationship where you are comfortable to share what you need. 

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What approaches will my counselor utilize?

In my many years of practice I have learned a wide range of interventions to help my clients imeet their goals. My integrated approach combines a few of the theories I have found to make the most sense to me in my work. I utilize cognitive and behavioral approaches in addition to teaching mindfulness and encouraging self-compassion. I have extensive experience helping individuals process trauma. I am trained in both EMDR and ART. Over the years I have found approaches in the ACT and DBT orientations to be helpful to my clients and I use them when appropriate. You are unique and deserve someone who can provide a diverse treatment experience. 

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